Spinlock ZS Single Jammer 7/16" to 9/16"

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Product Description

Spinlock ZS Single Jammer 7/16" to 9/16"


Rope Range - 12mm - 14mm (7/16" - 9/16")

Load - 1800kg - 2200kg (3969lb - 4850lb)

Max SWL - 2200kg (4850lb)

Weight - 1.19kg (2.62lb)

Use the ZS Series for larger diameters and high loads with controlled release

Features and Benefits:

•  Lines 8 - 18mm (5/16 - 11/16”)
•  Loads up to 4000kg (8820lbs)
•  Digitally modelled jaw surfaces hold high tech rope securely at its safe working load
•  Excellent performance on smaller diameter lines
•  Easy on-deck service access
•  Carbon versions available with lightweight, super strength body
•  Side mount using existing holes in jammer body
•  Ceramic coated jaws option offers consistent holding of blended covered ropes

ZS Carbon Powerjammer

•  ZS Carbon Jammers are supplied with high tensile fasteners for standard mounting
•  ZS Carbon Jammers can be vertically or side-mounted on masts. Custom mounting plates are available for each jammer
•  Can be set up for remote operation using ZS-RLB
•  Supplied white painted as standard. Custom finishes and unpainted product also available

ZS Bonded Series
Smaller and lighter than standard models, supplied unpainted for direct bonding.
Applications include foredeck tack control lines and remote release locks, bonded to mast and booms

ZS ‘P’ Series Jaws
ZS Jammers are supplied as standard with ‘P’ Series Jaws which are for use with Dyneema core and polyester cover ropes and are generally used in ZS Alloy Jammers

ZS Ceramic ‘HC’ Series Jaws
Ceramic Jaws are specially designed for ropes with blended covers: polyester with high-tech fibers such as Aramid, Technora, Codura or Vectran
ZS ‘HC’ Series Jaws have enhanced grip detail with ceramic coating to resist the polishing and wear caused by loaded rope at high line speed, allowing for faster engagement onto highly loaded line and improving load holding performance