Jib/Genoa Lead Cars

An ideal upgrade for racers or any sailor who wants to be able to adjust their lead when genoas are partially furled, jib and genoa lead cars allow you to change the sheeting angle of your sail so that it has a more efficient shape. You can see why this would be very useful to any racer! With that being said, jib and genoa lead cars will allow any vessel to move with better speed and efficiency by helping you modify the sail's shape as needed. There are several different genoa lead car systems to suit racers and cruisers alike in this excellent variety by Sound Boatworks, with options by Harken, Lewmar and Schaefer.

Jib/Genoa Lead Cars

For racers, there's no better adjustable genoa car system than one by Harken. A slider car system is a good choice for racing applications because it allows fast adjustments in varying environments. For example, you can use Harken Slider Genoa Lead Cars for genoa and carpi leads in environments requiring constant changing of positions. These lead cars run on a ball bearing track and have 60-degree pivoting sheaves for easy trimming. The result is the ability to take advantage of changing wind and sea conditions immediately to keep the vessel moving at high speeds. They also allow you to work closely with the crew to help trim up the boat when the helm is overpowered.

Cruisers won't need quite as much versatility in terms of positions, so a pinstop genoa lead is typically adequate. In fact, any sailing application where lead positions change infrequently will be better suited for a pinstop style. Pinstop type leads can only be adjusted on the unloaded side of your boat, meaning you won't be able to adjust the genoa unless you tack. Harken Pinst

op Jib Leads are a good choice for such applications, as they feature a spring-loaded pinstop with precise track spacing and a removable bar for attaching a spring and block. This size is most appropriate for smaller boats (up to 27 feet long).