Seoladair Boomkicker 16-19' Boats

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Seoladair Boomkicker 16-19' Boats


Suggested Boat Size: 16-19'

Initial Pin to Pin: 34"

Minimum Pin to Pin: 26"

Maximum Force: 150 lbs.

Stroke Initial/Min.: 11"/6"


Some basic measurements can insure a proper fit. First the Boomkicker must provide enough support for the boom and mainsail if the mainsail is stored folded or flaked on the boom and second, if there is an existing vang, the Boomkicker needs to fit in the area above.


To determine the model with sufficient return force to support the boom, one easy method is to weigh the aft end of the boom and compare it to 1/12 the maximum force in the table. 1/12 of the maximum forces from the table are; K1500 - 50 lbs, K1000 - 34 lbs, K0750 - 21 lbs., K0400 - 13 lbs. and K0312 - 6.5 lbs.. Note these are conservative numbers for a stable boom. So for example if the aft end of the boom weighs 28 lbs., the model recommended would be the K1000. One method to weigh the aft end of the boom is to stand on a bathroom scale and note the difference when lifting the boom.


To determine if a Boomkicker model will fit above an existing block and tackle vang, with the boom horizontal, measure the existing vang between where it attaches to the fittings on the mast and boom and subtract 7". This gives an approximate expected length for the Boomkicker which can be compared to the pin to pin lengths of the models in the table. To continue the example, if the K1000 is required for support, the minimum length needed after subtracting 7" is 35". The closer the length is to 45"(the supplied length of the K1000 Boomkicker) or longer, the better, with easier installation and less shortening required. In some cases customers have moved the vang attachment on the boom aft to get more length and better leverage on the boom. If a block and tackle vang will be added, choose the model based on support, and to avoid having to shorten, install the block and tackle vang after the Boomkicker.