Harken Industrial 6:1 Diver Recovery Purchase System - 9M Throw

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Harken Industrial 6:1 Diver Recovery Purchase System - 9M Throw

The Harken Industrial™ Diver Recovery Purchase System allows the single-handed recovery of a diver from inside a diving bell. Using proven Harken® marine components, Harken Industrial designed a reasonably priced strong, lightweight block and tackle system with a powerful 6:1 purchase.

To clean, simply flush pulleys with fresh water. Periodically soaking in fresh water is recommended when used in a marine environment to prevent salt crystal growth. As with all equipment, check regularly to make sure it is in good working order. Check rope for chafe and wear. 

The 443.DRPS can be used for human suspension when a safety factor of 10 is applied and used in conjunction with fall protection.


  • Range of travel (m) 9 m

  • Range of travel (ft) 29.5 ft

  • Maximum rated load (kN) 4.25 kN

  • Maximum rated load (lb) 937 lb

  • SWL for human suspension (kN) 1.7 kN

  • SWL for human suspension (lb) 375 lb

  • Ball Bearing Cam Cleats

    Harken ball bearing cam cleats hold rope securely and release easily under load. Multiple rows of ball bearings reduce friction. The cam’s V-shape guides rope for easy entry.

    Purchase systems are supplied pre-reeved and fully assembled. 

    Polyester Rope and Safety Compliance

    Purchase systems use polyester based rope in various sizes. The polyester braided covers are UV and abrasion resistant. 

    Low-friction Sheave

    Delrin® ball bearings provide low-friction, easy rope release under load. Ball bearings are UV-stabilized for maximum protection. Delrin is a registered trademark of E.I duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.



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